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waterline magazine is a free eZine for RealFlow users with tutorials, projects, concepts, and everything you always wanted to know about RealFlow.

"Fields and Graphs" tells you everything about fields in RealFlow and how to access, modify, and control them. The magazine's techniques are essential for fluid TDs, but artistically-oriented users will also benefit from the exciting possibilities.

There is a new blog entry about the next issue "Splashes and Tendrils".

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Thomas Schlick

waterline magazine "RealFlow Fields and Graphs" is free a PDF with 85 pages. Here you will learn everything about fields, how to use them, and how to create your own custom fields. In RealFlow, fields are accessible via graphs - a node-based visual programming system. With the help of some basic graph setups you are able to do astonishing things.

You will also find complete projects:
Age-based,variable viscosity, melting effects, based on distance fields, field transformations (e.g. velocity to force), basic fields operations like storing ,loading, and meshing, object stickiness for Hybrido and standard SPH, deleting particles inside arbitrary objects, and curvature-based foam emission for particle fluids.